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Value of my '85 JD316

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Is there any online site that can tell me the value of my completely restored 1985 JD 316 w/46" mower deck. You can see the photo on my profile and other photos on previous posts. Wish I knew it's value. It really looks like it should be sitting on a dealer's showroom floor as a new tractor for sale.
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I'm not aware of a site. It depends on what it's worth to you. Then again anythings only worth whatever someone's willing to pay for it. Especially on older equipment. I restored both my tractors and pry won't get much out of them
You may want to have it professionally appraised. The Grounds Maintenance Equipment Blue Book would put it at about $1,000. Obviously worth more than that.
The problem with a 316 is that the 318 seems to be THE tractor in that class and when someone is getting close to paying for a 316 what they can get a 318 for they're going to buy the 318.Last Summer I bought a 316 late model with a deck,3pt hitch and front blade for around $1500 can't remember the exact figure and it was under 500 hrs in about as a nice original condition as could be expected to find talked to the owner and he bought it new and always garaged it and kept it up.In that category too I bought a 322 with a good deck and rear bagger trailer for $1000 has some hrs but sheet metal is very good and it runs like a top.
I would say you could get $1500.00
In that condition I would agree that around $1500 would be possible. Sorry to see you're selling it as that restoration was very nice!
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