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value of 42" rear PTO operated tiller and blade

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I have a problem:fing20: (according to my wife, anyway; I disagree) too many tractors. so in the interest of (possibly) restoring peace at home, I am trying to decide which 1 to build as my "keeper"; currently I am between a JD 314 and an Ariens S 16H;
the Ariens has these 2 attachments that came with (deere does not) mowing is a low priority, as my yard isn't real big; Both tractors need engine work; but the Ariens is missing other items like the rear fender pan, for starters; but having the attachments already makes a strong case for that one being "it"

but being that the Deere actually runs and is all there, (tractor wise anyway) and the Ariens is short a few pcs and the engine has a hole in it
I am considering selling the tiller (cover is surf. rusted but thats about all; good shape otherwise) and that 54" blade; any idea of their worth?? or adaptability to the Deere?

I have 2 serious rt leg injuries over the last 20 years that make shoveling the white stuff out of the question, much more than a "dusting".

I actually have a lead on an S 14 or 16 parts tractor, that so far appears to have all that mine lacks; if that comes to be, then I will most certainly keep the Ariens and part ways with the 314.

But failing that; what would that tiller and blade be worth??? I am thinking of selling them to buy attachments that will fit the Deere. Just kicking some ideas around.
and while on the WIW idea; what about a known-good hydro trans on the Ariens?
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