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value of (2) M-F "50"s

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I went to my neighbor's hunting cottage this past weekend; did some "bush hogging" on his MF 65; as well as several minor repairs ( fan belt, greased everything and worked on the bush hog unit itself, mostly)
saw 2 Massey "50"'s for sale within 5 miles of his place and 3 miles of each other both real clean upon the "slow drive by"); a 50 Diesel with a bush hog and a "pretty" yellow umbrella (1st to hit the garbage if I buy the tractor)
and a gas "50" with out the pretty umbrella; if they run strong, no smoke, PTO works decent tires, whatr can I expect to pay??? I don't "need" anything near that big; just want a play toy.
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the guy i work for part time buys mostly old m-fs cleans em up paints them and fixes any running issues and sells them between $2500-$4500 depending on if they have a loader or other attachments and they sell like hotcakes here he has just sold 3 this week
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