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Valuable fuel tank cleaning lesson.

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Yesterday when I wanted to start my John Deere 200 it just hit once & would only crank after that, had spark, no fuel. I had just removed the tank, cleaned the screen & installed new fuel line & fresh fuel week earlier, hmmm, took fuel bowl off carb, had more junk & water than fuel, I had covered the fuel cap for no water could get in. pulled tank again, got me a clean container & dumped fuel in, It was black & stuff floating in it. my lesson? even if you remove an empty fuel tank, clean it anyway, so I poured in about 1/2 gallon fresh fuel & shook tank real good & dumped this fuel into another container. it wasn't too dirty, reinstall tank add another gallon of fuel & add a tiny bit of air pressure to the fuel tank to get latest new fuel up to fuel pump, reattach hose at pump, clean main needle, reinstall carb bowl, fired up engine on a little Gumout carb cleaner till the gas got into carb, then my little 8 horse was running, then my test drive.
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