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Vacuum fuel pumps

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I am in need of a new vacuum fuel pump for a modified Club Car golf cart with a Kawasaki FE290 motor . A new pump from the golfcart store or Kawasaki runs $60-$75. A new B&S pump (#808656) runs $25-40. I'm not sure what motor B&S uses this pump with but these pumps have the same size ports, same number of ports and the chamber appears to be close to the same size. The rebuild kits I find on Ebay look to be identical, same number of diaphragms, gaskets and valves. Can anybody tell me why the B&S won't work? I'm guessing that as long as they are about the same size they will pump at about the same rate. Saving 40 bucks looks good to me. I know this isn't technically a tractor but around the Lazy MF it gets used like one. And it cost me a lot less than a Gator or a Mule.

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To throw you a curve, Jose another option for you would be to just go with a small electric fuel pump.
I mainly like that I can turn the key on and let the fuel system pressurize, then hit start and be running. No cranking away after the tractor has been sitting for a week.

I honestly doubt one is more reliable than the other.

NAPA could help you size a pump. Probably $35 so a bit more expensive than a diaphram for rebuilding your vacuum pump.
That's a good idea on integrating it with the oil pressure sensor, TH. I will do exactly that when I replace my wiring harness.

I'm assuming you use the sender output to pick a relay, thus energizing the pump?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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