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Vacuum fuel pumps

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I am in need of a new vacuum fuel pump for a modified Club Car golf cart with a Kawasaki FE290 motor . A new pump from the golfcart store or Kawasaki runs $60-$75. A new B&S pump (#808656) runs $25-40. I'm not sure what motor B&S uses this pump with but these pumps have the same size ports, same number of ports and the chamber appears to be close to the same size. The rebuild kits I find on Ebay look to be identical, same number of diaphragms, gaskets and valves. Can anybody tell me why the B&S won't work? I'm guessing that as long as they are about the same size they will pump at about the same rate. Saving 40 bucks looks good to me. I know this isn't technically a tractor but around the Lazy MF it gets used like one. And it cost me a lot less than a Gator or a Mule.

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Another advantage about an electric pump is that if you have to drain the tank again, you just unhook the fuel line from the carb and let the pump push the bad fuel out.
HE could also use compressed air ,take the hose off at the carb and apply air pressure at the gas cap carefully,NOT at full blast,and it'll blow the gas into a can ,but I'd do it outside if possible,since it'll make fuel vapors galore..
I never thought of that....sounds a little dangerous though (my luck the vapors would find some way to ignite).
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