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Utility Blade is really loose

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So I finally played around with the 446 and the 54 inch blade. The video of my brush clearing fun is on the "new 448" thread. One thing I noticed is that the blade feels REALLY loose on the tractor in comparison to the smaller blade on my 222.
I have not had a chance to do much inspection yet, but thought I would throw this out there and see if you all could arm me with some pointers for when I do get down to the garage.
I looked for a model number on the blade but the sticker appears to be gone. It is the larger blade and the lift rod goes under the axle unlike the one on my 222 that goes over the side.
Thanks in advance guys.
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Two common areas can result in loose feeling ... First is mounting frame loose to the tractor and second is push blade loose to the mounting frame.

First, at the mule drive to frame mounts, either the slots in the mount can be worn, or the pins on the tractor frame.

Second, the main side to side pivot hole on the blade mount may be elongated, such that the blade can seem quite loose/bounce side to side, even though the angle pin is secure in the frame holes.

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Brian (aka The Man aka Santa)
As always you are right and on both counts. The slots and the pin are heavily worn. A few other joints had a little bit of play. But these are by far the worst. I am going to replace the pin entirely and might go a size up and drill the holes back to round. I plan to add wome weld beads onto the slot to build it back up after bending it straight.


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The plow is nice and tight again. I tightened one of the mounting pins on the tractor, built up the pin slot with a weld, drilled the angle holes back to round and a little bigger, and bent the mount on the plow back straight. There is a little play at the pivot point but it is way beter than before.

I guess she had a pretty rough life before I got her. To me that says a lot about the quality of these case attachments. Over 25 years of hard work and less than an hour to repair.
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I watched the video of your brush clearing FUN,.. :crybaby: All I can say is its a wonder you didnt knock that blade clean off the tractor! Those BIG 54 " blades put alota stress on the mount bracket under normal use.

Using one like a bulldozer will tear things up pretty fast, Especially If you catch the corner of the blade. Id suggest you use your smaller blade for brush clearing. And use a little softer approach, juss sayin..

Once those pins and recivers get alittle sloppy, upon impact a loose joint multiplys the force. sorta like using a drill motor verses an impact gun.

Ill post pics of what Iam doing to beef up some of the joints when Iam finished with my 54" rebuild, with hydraulic power angle. Eric
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I brought the link of your video here, I had not seen it until just now. Wow!

I feel your pain man. lots of sudden stops on the ground in the end.
Hope you were wearing eye protections of some sort.

Are you guys permitted to make a big brush fire in the spring or late fall like we are in Ontario. that would have taken care of a lot of your brush, and all you have to do is rid of the fire pit after it is all cooled down.

Nice video, and clearing by the way. "new Garage site???"
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I definitely agree that the abuse of brush clearing played a part in the acceleration of the wear on the plow. I have it fixed up nicely now, but would love to see some pics of your reinforcement and the power angle.

Jayvee, down here brush burning is on a town by town basis and I am lucky that my town allows it. I did push it all into one big pile and lit her up. There is only a small amount left but I am going to leave it for an early spring pile of storm debris from that freak noreaster that took out most of my oaks.

That is not going to be the garage, just a nice flat play area for my son's swingset, sandbox, etc.

I do plan on moving an old barn to the property, but that is years down the line and into a field on the other side of my lot. The site work may begin this spring so I have a parking area for some of the construction equipment I am picking up soon. That will require a lot more than the 446 though, lol.
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