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USMC GT5000 - Complete!

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This was a month long project that was a lot of fun. Tractor has been in our family since 2009, and was grand dad's last rider. It took a backseat in recent years because of a shot mowing deck, but Joe in Michigan cut me a great deal on one that was in great shape.

Did a full tune up, new tires, paint/body, new seat, rebuilt carb, new switches (sat outside), a few new idlers, new belts, added LED's to the front and rear, polished headlight bezle and installed LED headlights. This tractor has a bagger that's in good shape, so it'll get a lot of use this summer.

We're a proud Marine family, so of course I added a new set of decals. Really enjoyed this one! :trink40:


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Your GT5000 turned out really nicely!

Take care,
-Thomas (12)

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Looks great. Stripes on motor was a nice touch.

Looks super nice!
Joe, nice transformation, like the LED's around it. Does it play the Marine Corp Hymn at startup?? :sidelaugh
I've got a GT5000 that looks same as your orignal.. I just use it as a tractor pulling a trailer around the plantation. It did not have a deck when I acquired it for parts, like buying a pig in a poke for $50, did not know it had a good Kohler 25 Hp engine. Just needed little TLC. ALL tires are good

The plastic steering bushing were worn out on the sector gear, installed starter brush kit.

It's a keeper.

Good job on yours.
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Nice looking GT you have there. I like your paint choice.
That's really cool, excellent job! I'd love to see it lit up at night, lol.
Would the nick be 'Sarge'...? Or Lcpl.

Anchors aweigh. USN 70-74
Another nice job, Joe. Well done. :fing32:
What size tires are those in the rear? Are they the same size as the originals or are they larger?
What size tires are those in the rear? Are they the same size as the originals or are they larger?
Mine looks like that and they are 23x10:50x12 diameter rims and 5 bolt hole rims. 23 inches tall, 10 1/2 inchs wide on 12 inch dia rims.

I would bet they are original.

I have another GT that uses same size but are on woodruff keyed rims.

I made a tire break down tool for my 12 inch rims using a old 14 inch car rim. (cut the center out so as could press it down over the lawn tractor 12 inch rim to break the bead loose. Works great.
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What size tires are those in the rear? Are they the same size as the originals or are they larger?
I blew one of his pictures up so that I could see the size on the sidewall.

They are 23 X 10.5 X 12.

Here is mine with 25 X 10 X 12 ATV tires.


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Nice color. You did an excellent job on it.
I like the new paint better than the original color. Looks meaner, bigger, better some how.
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