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Using a gas operated core aerator.

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I am starting my planning for my fall overhaul of my lawn. It doesn't look horrible by any means but a good aerating and overseeding wouldn't hurt it.

I found a rental store that rents gas core areators. I am going to wait until we get a little rain and give it an attempt a few days after that so the ground will be softer that what it is now. I have to do an acre and it is about the width of a push mower. I will areate in a criss cross pattern so it will be like cutting an acre twice with a self propelled push mower.

I watched some videos on youtube and those things seem pretty easy to use and really fast. has anybody here ever rented a gas powered walk behind areator? Can you tell me what to expect? Do they bounce around alot if the ground isn't just right? How wet should it be? Thanks.
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I have used several, over the years--and the place I used to work, P/T, rented the things out...
.Boy--you would not even believe what the average homeowner is capable of......:banghead3:banghead3

O.K.--Usually come in two sizes (widths)...

Do you have obsi\ticles in your yard? Trees/fences/.planters? Then you want the smaller one////If you have 1 acre or more wide open--rent the larger sized one..

As you make a turn to make another pass, it's goning to tear the ground up some--wetter the ground, more tear up happens. One trick is, to get to the end of the track, push down on the bar--raising the tines up some-making it easier to shift. Or you can drop the transport wheels back down each turn and avoid that--just takes longer--but you get used to it.

Honda engines are much quieter, and use less fuel. Make sure it's full when you rent it, and return it full. Ask questions at the place--make sure you understand about the safety handle/ etc. Take the slide oout weight in the back out to lift/transport. If you don't have a drive one ramp/trailer--you need someoine to help load/unload. "Ryan" is the prodominant brand around here0--

good luckl...

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an acre? buy a pull behind, it'll pay for its self in two uses and a whole helluva lot easier on the body. if the ground is hard it will wear you out.
Don't do it if the ground is dry. Wait for rain to soften soil up.
The machiones do move along at a pretty good clip. Yes let the ground be wet but not soaking as noted above it will tear it up. What I did was simply go in moving ovals in one direction and then the other. Yes the ends where I started turns got chewed up move but in two weeks you will not notice it.

The machiones will bounce around depending on rocks / roots etc.. that you hit. It does require some strong upper body strength.

As you are going you will see it spit out the plugs. Make sure they are going deep enought, generally 2-3 inches I think. The machine should have a setting to allow you to increase or decrease the depth.

When you pick upt he machine make sure all the tines are there, that they are clear and not all bent up.

Good luck !
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