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Used JD FEL incompatible with X720?

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A rare used FEL is sitting on my dealer's lot after a trade-in (I believe it is a JD 45 or could be a 40). I came in with an older model JD 455 with a snow blower and the dealer plans to sell it altogether; he told me it is not compatible with the X700's.
I have previously inquired about the JD FEL 45 and have come close to pulling the trigger so I was very interested when I saw this used one.
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I do Know that the Older 40 Loader could Be used on the X465 Which is what Deere Corporate told me in 2003 Because the 45 loader interfered with the air Cooled engine on the X465 So I’m willing to Bet You could Make a older 40 loader work on a X700 series Because the X700 frame is Not that different from the Older 425 thru 455 frame:thThumbsU
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