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as some of you know there are tons and tons and tons and tons of blades and belts and gator blades work is now starting to get here busy just had two mowers come in the shop today for repair work same person bought me in a pushmower which if i had a video camera which i do i may just record my repair on this mower and post it on utube and give a link on here to it this same pushmower is the same exact one i just left a tutorial on so it makes a good canidate for a video

but getting back on topic here if you need a gator blade that is not listed on our store please call me tell me the blade you need i can then look up the price and calculate the shipping cost thru our copy of Quickbooks on the shipping manager which is linked into our UPS acct

then we can get a good figure on what the total will be with the 5 % discount applied

Landscapers i want to get your business for parts and i know there are some on MTF that are landscapers cause i ran across there names on other forum sites

what i can do for those blades that are not on store we can submit a invoice thru paypal that way you will be feeling secure on the payment and will be protected 100% buyer protection we do accept paypal and can send invoices thru paypal just like it would be to submit a order thru our store

like i said earlier on the original gator blade thread we have them for almost every model out there now lawnboys owners your gators can be purchased straight from our store since your product line is been completed simplicity owners your gators can be purchased also from our store we are going to rework the structure of the prices a bit cause we do not want to loose business cause of our prices compared to other sites

thank you all for your time and patience im here if you need help all you have to do is call me thats why i pay the phone bill on that 800 line

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