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Here is an update:

-5244 Restoration: At a standstill, but soon to be continued.

-JC Penney Lawn-Boy 0292B: Shortblock and some other parts put on 4502 Utility.

-4502 Utilty: I just got this one for free a couple of days ago. I looked through the spark plug hole and turned the blade. (The shaft would move, but the piston wouldn't.) The shaft would only move so far. This mower was soooo unique and nice, I had to get it running! So, since my JC Penney 0292B's deck wasn't the prettiest, I decided to use parts off of it to fix the Utility up. I took the old, blown engine (F300) off of the Utilty's deck and took the parts needed off of it to put on the JC Penney's shortblock to make it the same as the F300. But, before assembling, I gave the deck, engine, some misc parts, the handles, and the shrouds a good cleanup. I cleaned the flywheel, cd pack, etc up too. I also had to replace the handle brackets as they were bent. Again, I took those parts (handles brackets) off of the 0292B and put them on the 4502. I assembled the mower, and mostly everything thanfully went well. It was getting dark and was soon time to quit. So I put some 32:1 gas/Lawn-Boy Generation 2 oil mix in, primed it a bit and it fired! It seems to run well. I think that it needs some carb work. This 4502 is in pristine condition and is a keeper and I love it!

-S21ESR: As some of you may know, this one blew up. The rod was broke, piston banged up, rings broke, needle bearings bent, cylinder wall broke, just a mess! First, I decided to use the block off of my 4250 (no longer complete) Scamp. Instead of taking the pulley off, I decided to open up the 4250's block to examine in and just replace the rod. But, I found rust in the jug! Oh no! That was the end of that. My next step was another block that sat outside for a little, even worse inside! And my final step was an F200 engine off of a 19" unidetified JC Penney style Lawn-Boy that I had disassembled and used some parts from. The jug was all I needed as the "reed plate" as I call it, on the 4250's block was fine. I encountered a few problems when putting a block together such as bad rinds breaking, but I ended up with two good ones and assembled the block. I oiled it up a little before this though. I sealed it with a high-temp silicone. I let it sit overnight and assembled the mower this morning. It seems like it still needs to break in, but we will see. At some time in the near future, this mower might need a BRAND NEW block. Just to make sure next time there will be no problems in sight. The self-propel system will need adjusted and a new self-propel cable may be necessary. I also sharpened the blade and it was ready to mow! It does a great job! One of my favorites!

-10525: Well, I figured out the primer hose issue, I was putting the primer hose on the breather! The primer spout wasn't that visible, at least I wasn't looking where it was. (Note- I am more familiar and more skilled at the F series engines.) So I used that little white fastener to put it on the gas line spout and primer hose and I connected the hoses to the carb and it was fine. It runs and works great. Someone already offered me a fair amount of money for it and it is going to be gone! I don't like it too much, same as all of the Dura Force's. I want a 22241! Seriously, but another nice S series would be great!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed my story and that you are still awake!:ROF

Thank you!
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Here are some pics of the Utilty. Pictures of the S21ESR hopefully tomorrow. The first picture is of when the shortblock was placed on and bolted to the deck. The second is it all back together.:fing32:


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That's a nice looking Utility.

Those utility's and scamp's are super light and easy to push. They might not look too fancy, but for anyone who hasn't used one, don't knock them until you've tried one!
I like the Utility's. They are very light and I think that they have good styling.:fing32:
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