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Up and coming tractor lover?

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hey everyone on MTF,

My name is Joe, im 14 and i live in edmonton alberta, canada, i love anything with an engine. I love trators, mowers, snowblowers, anything! i have also had a few motorized bicycles. Ive had stuff from motorcycles bigger than ME to small little weed eaters.

I love inventing stuff to, so i think ill be very popular in the homemade section......

Now the only tractor i have owned was a john deere rx63 rear engine rider i got from a lady for free, it had a replacment engine which was a tecumeh, which gave out in no longer than 2 weeks! so that tractor was turned in to a go kart thing which was then discarded and is now in peices waiting to go to the dump! i also sold the motor too.

Ive made a few gokarts before, my first go kart with an ENGINE was a kart with a tractor steering parts and seat with a 5.5hp honda clone engine which was awesome, i then sold the engine and went to a 5hp briggs flathead, the throttle got stuck on it and i crashed into a van.......more on that later.....the kart later got stolen! my latest one that was also sold about a year ago was a big dune buggy i got off a guy for a snowblower, it had a 16 hp 1 cylinder briggs i/v engine which was a disaster, i traded the kart for a 2 stroke mower.

I will in the future maby before the winter or next year have some tractors though!

what i do have now is 1 roper/craftsman self propelled mower, snapper mower with a the pac n sac system where you put a garbage bag in the plastic bagger and mow and suck leafs and it makes the job easier( needs engine), i have a 60's schwinn stingray with an engine in it, i have a weed eater weed wacker, a weed eater leaf blower, a cub cadet snow blower!, an ariens trac-team walk behind tractor! ( i think they are really really rare!),
i have a wacker made plate tamper, i have a few engine laying around, i have a partner made concrete saw, i have a poulan chainsaw, a 2 stroke toro mower with a kawasaki engine. I also have an older toro power head, they where like a thing where you can put a mower on, snowblower and etc. so more to come soon enough, once i sell my cub snoiwblower i want to buy a john deere snowblower!
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Greetings, Joe. Glad you found us. Hope you enjoy your visits. With those walk-behind mowers, be sure to venture down to the Walkbehind section and introduce yourself. Lots of young men in your age group down there. You'll fit right in.
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