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Unexpected oil change!

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Hi guys,

It is prime leaf collection season here at Golden Cove and as I was getting going with the 446 this morning I noticed an extreme amount of oil pumping out on my mower deck and lawn! You guessed it, a hydraulic pipe split...which worries me. Anyhow of to TSC I went to get some new hoses. So I find myself changin the oil in my hyrdaulic system least I know it is clean!

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Well....I got it back together using hoses rather than pipe. here is a picture of the pipe that split on me. I think it was worn from rubbing against the other is tight under there.

Now for a question: I used a 2- 90 degree swivels and a 1/2 pipethread x 5/8 JCI for one of the hoses to be positioned better. One of the 90's came with the PTO system, the other I bought today at TSC. It is a 1/2 pipethread x 1/2 pipe thread . The 90 degree 1/2x1/2 pipethread is leaking. Should I have used paste or tape on that connection?

Here is a photo:

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:thanku: Thanks Castoff :thanku:

I did not notice a big difference in the noise.
Thanks Mac :thanku:
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