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Unexpected oil change!

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Hi guys,

It is prime leaf collection season here at Golden Cove and as I was getting going with the 446 this morning I noticed an extreme amount of oil pumping out on my mower deck and lawn! You guessed it, a hydraulic pipe split...which worries me. Anyhow of to TSC I went to get some new hoses. So I find myself changin the oil in my hyrdaulic system least I know it is clean!

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I'm not saying this to be dissagreeable but-there is nothing wrong with teflon tape on tapered pipe threads in hydraulic systems. It's all that I have ever used and by this time, I have put thousands of fittings together without a problem. Case used to recomend either tape or pipe sealant. The trick with the tape is to start 2 threads from the end to eliminate the potential of a piece getting in the system. I would say that if you are the least bit unsure of this, use liquid. If it's 8 PM and the parts store is closed and you need to put a fitting together and don't have liquid don't be afraid of tape.
You know what they say about old dogs and new tricks. I guess that I was taught with the tape and just never changed. I do agree that whatever you use keep it to a minimum. Gregg
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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