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Unexpected oil change!

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Hi guys,

It is prime leaf collection season here at Golden Cove and as I was getting going with the 446 this morning I noticed an extreme amount of oil pumping out on my mower deck and lawn! You guessed it, a hydraulic pipe split...which worries me. Anyhow of to TSC I went to get some new hoses. So I find myself changin the oil in my hyrdaulic system least I know it is clean!

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Hi All,
I do play the teflon tape game at times grabbing the third thread when I know better but still I do it. I know that teflon paste is the better thing to do. As castoff says when and if you have to take it apart then the fun starts especially if you go in to clean it up with a cotton Q tip without thinking. It's funny, if you are from the aircraft maintenance arena then you have a conflict as the aircraft folks don't like teflon paste. Being from both arenas I still have internal conflict when putting pipe threads together as I have had to dig out both tape and paste from hydraulic system control and pressure regulating valves. I think that the good approach is correct and minimal application of either. By military directive when I inspected a new aircraft mechanics tool box I had them quickly dispose of any sort of pipe sealant paste and other items such as expired items.
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Hi Tom,
A recent chafed area will be silver and smooth. If your pic is correct, that chafe looks old and corroded, possibly it was there before you installed the tubes. If you recall what the fittings look like on your Hydrabagger motor, they are what you need to connect a hose into your system in place of the tubes. I'm not very familiar with JCI or JIC fittings having been and aircraft mech for too many years so I will do some research before you come on Monday so I can show you what I am refering to.
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