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Uneven mow with LT1000

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I'm going to get a bit greedy, asking two questions in the same day.

My 2003 LT1000 has mowed unevenly since the day I bought it. In the mow path, one side will be a little bit higher than the other. I've checked the deck height (measured both sides up from the floor), and tire pressure. What else should I look at?

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You can't go by the deck height. You need to measure to the blade tips. First off, before doing that, pull the deck, flip it over, and check that all the blades run on the same plane. You do this by turning each blade so the tips are close to each other then a half turn to see they still line up. If they don't line up, something is bent and it's a matter of determining what is bent.
Stupid as it sounds, make sure the 2 rear tires are the same size. My recent find had one 18x9.5 and one 20x10 on the rear. Looks funny and boy, does it mow lop sided. Like I gotz a flat tire or sumtin'.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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