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Understanding How a Home Generator Can Save You and Your Family's Life

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We want to help you purchase the right home generator.


A generator helps to keep the home operating when the power goes out. They are great investments --- and these days, it may prove to be a lifesaver.

We are going to discuss the basics of home generators including power requirements, types, and the overall benefits.

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Volts measure how strongly an electrical current can be carried through the system. Amps (Amperes) is a measurement of how much power your appliances and personal electronics need.

Using water as analogy might make this easier to understand. Voltage is similar to the pressure that is pushing the water through a pipe. Amps is similar to the gallons per minute of water being delivered. Amperage is NOT power. Power is calculated by multiplying the voltage and current P = VI where P is the power in watts, V is voltage (sometimes called EMF) in volts and I is the current in amps or amperes.

Jerry C
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