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Unable to unscrew stock hydraulic hose coupler

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I'm attempting to put a 90 degree elbow on a hydraulic hose for quick hitch angle cylinder and the threads will not let go. I've used all the force I can expect the fitting to handle and the threads do not budge. Should I try heat or is there something that can be used for the thread compound?

(I'm 100% sure I'm loosening not tightening)

This a new hose with no hydraulic fluid in it, I'm trying to disconnect the hose from the coupler and it appears john deere used a little too much thread compound.

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I wouldn't use heat it will probably ruin the hose clamp the one part in the vice tight but not tight enough to damage the fitting then get on the other part with a box wrench 6 point if you have one and give it ****. Worst case the fitting break's you can take it to your local hyd. shop and have a new fitting pressed on to the hose. BILL
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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