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This was taken around 69, when we farmed a LOT of acres, but didn't have a big tractor so I devised this homemade hitch so I could drive 2 tractors at the same time! UB diesel was leader with U gaser in rear.Had all controls run to front so I could start, stop, raise imp., control throttle, from the seat of lead tractor. Still have the hitch and controls.
I pulled 7-16" bolloms with it. front plow was MM 4-16" hyd lift, back plow was case 3-16" rope trip. had made a squadron hitch so they followed correctly. thanks; sonny


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looks like quite a setup never seen one driven from the front tractor common practice around here was to mount rear tractor piggy backed with front wheels removed from both units and steer them hydrualicly
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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