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This was taken around 69, when we farmed a LOT of acres, but didn't have a big tractor so I devised this homemade hitch so I could drive 2 tractors at the same time! UB diesel was leader with U gaser in rear.Had all controls run to front so I could start, stop, raise imp., control throttle, from the seat of lead tractor. Still have the hitch and controls.
I pulled 7-16" bolloms with it. front plow was MM 4-16" hyd lift, back plow was case 3-16" rope trip. had made a squadron hitch so they followed correctly. thanks; sonny


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When I was a kid we had a U gasser with a 3 bottom trip plow. great tractor but took some getting used to the hand clutch. My dad never liked it for that reason plus the time he was at the end of the row and was pulling the trip cord and not looking how close he was to the ditch. Luckily he baled off before the tractor and plow went over the edge of the ditch (at least 10 ft deep). that tractor was tough. it went straight down the incline and the front end held up under the shock of hitting the bottom and stalled there. after looking it over and contemplating the cost of a wrecker Dad started it up and drove it down the bottom of the ditch til he got to a point that he could get out. I had to finish plowing that day cause I think Dad had to change his shorts! ROF

Dad never did like that tractor after that but was too cheep to sell it and buy something else.

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