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U joint

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One of the u joints on my pto driveshaft is clicking. Anyone know which one to get to replace it? I checked the numbers on the existing u joint but couldn't come up with a match on the all-knowing and all-seeing google.
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I forget exactly what number I came up with many times when I'd match up a U-joint off a MTD or other tractors with shaft drives,but I do recall the Neapco book having farm and agricultural PTO u-joint listings in the back of the catalog,and also a numerical listings section with all the sizes listed,like cup diameter,overall width,journal sizes,etc..

Seems to me some GM "step van" P series and some dodge power wagons used the same size u-joint in their steering colums,and neapco had a number for it..might be the one Wingnut posted?..
I just got a snowblower attachment for my Sears Suburbans,and noticed it has two u-joints on the mule drive,which appear to be in good shape--but I'd better see if I can determine what number will fit in case I ever need to rplace one..
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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