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U Joint removal 995

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Good day you all,

I am trying to remove this u-joint from the Eaton pump, I does not seem to have any clips to dismantle it, is this a sealed unit?

I have read in this forum that the yoke is just fitted with a key on the shaft on the 990, is it the same on this one? Same pump must be the same....but it does not seem like it.

Any kind of help is needed...
Thank you!


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In the manual it shows it to be the same as a 990. It looks to be rusted onto the shaft. This end of the u-joint is suppose to float on the pump shaft, allowing for any movement lengthwise and for drive shaft installation and removal.

These can be a real chore to remove. One member made a puller just for this. I have used a crow bar and a BFH to drive it off from the rear. Try driving the shaft towards the pump to get some movement started. Use PB Blaster or Kroil to help penetrate the rust. It may take days to work it loose.


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I had to sacrifice the U-Joint, not the same as my 990 anyway and the drive shaft was welded to it, so unusable for me. I used a puller to remove it, it took a lot of patience not to use the BFH, lots of soaking, but it is out now and I saved the fan!
Good job getting the shaft removed.

I remember reading a thread about the shaft and u-joints being all one piece and having to buy a complete assembly.

Here are threads on rebuilding your shaft and u-joints.
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