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U Joint removal 995

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Good day you all,

I am trying to remove this u-joint from the Eaton pump, I does not seem to have any clips to dismantle it, is this a sealed unit?

I have read in this forum that the yoke is just fitted with a key on the shaft on the 990, is it the same on this one? Same pump must be the same....but it does not seem like it.

Any kind of help is needed...
Thank you!


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They have a groove for a circlip, looks like item 44. But I can understand there is no circled because practically no end loading is allowed, and I can't see a circled in picture. I would use a die grinder with bull nose and grind all around shaft.
That's "can't see circlip in photo". App won't let me edit.
I see. Placement and size would suggest that. I would say though, if it's suppose to float and it's seized, it's not a good thing.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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