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i was scheduled to go get a jim dandy this past friday morning using a trailer that belongs to a(non-romantic) friends ex-husband(she's on good terms w/him).thursday evening my friend checks with the ex's family as to what time would be good to come by and get the trailer(since the ex is out on a truck run).the ex's mom informed my friend that she would be leaving the state with the trailer to help some one move.Bullsh*te.
i figured no big the morning i'll rent one from u-haul,after all that is what they do- rent trucks and trailers.:Stop:
the next morning i called u-haul,that's when my day started going bad.:banghead3.after talking with a couple of the locals about a utility turns out when i get there they think that an enclosed cubical moving trailer is a utility trailer.i then go home and call corporate u-haul.
i inquire about utility trailers.the nearest one is about 55 miles southwest of me .the tractor is about 100 north west of me.the next closest would require a 30 mile detour to pick up on the way at about the 60 mile mark .i could live with that.then the representative tells me that the utility trailers are in short supply and good demand and are assigned to certain locations.if i rent one i have to return it to the same location.:fing20:
i then call penske and budget and a couple of independants .no one rents utility trailers.:banghead3
i then catch a lucky break.a friend calls me about an unrelated matter and offers the use of his small utility trailer. i take him up on it and get my loading ramps back i had loaned him months ago.i pull out of town after noon.approximately the time i had planned on being back
after all of this i find myself questioning u-haul's business model.if an item is in demand would you not procure more of it so you could rent it out?thus making money.
i'll post about the tractor in a seperate thread.
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