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Tying a ledger to wall

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I have a “dog house" attached to my cottage for access the basement. I covered it with 2” insulation foam. Now I want to put a ledger on for a deck. Should I cut the foam so there’s a wood to wood connection or can I screw the ledger on top of foam.
The cottage is in an un-organized township, so there’s NO building code.
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The “dog house” is 2x4 construction sheathed with 1/2” plywood prior to the foam on outside.
Would not make any difference where it was I would recommend neither. Wood to foam for attachment leaves to much flexibility to the connection and removing the foam to attach the ledger directly to other wood only promotes wood rot of both ledger and sill. Properly flash the sill and use deck spacers between the sill and ledger. That way the sill is protected and no moisture gets trapped between sill and ledger.
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Thanks! When I was planning a deck at home I researched it and found I need ledger hangers. I didn’t do that project and totally forgot about them. Now I’m covering the foam so I was going to put up ledger so I knew were to end.

Thanks again!
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