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Two new toys

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A week or so ago I picked up these two I believe mid 90s riders. One is a Dynamark 12/36 and a tru value lawn chief. Both have a briggs 12 hp single. One is the I/C and one is just a 12 hp. The lawn chief has the I/C. I haven't gotten the motor number off the dynamark yet because I have to take to hood off and with county fair and the farm and work haven't had time. Both have have decks but the the lawn chiefs is pretty hammered both rear lift points are torn out. I need an ignition switch for the Dynamark fix a few little things and going to sell it as a mower. The lawn chief Im not sure what I'm going to do with it right now my daughter is having fun sweeping the lawn with it. So I may keep it for a bit. The dynamark has some governor issues but the one that bugs me is the lawn chief surges badly once warm. Any ideas?
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Here are some pics

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Still messing with these. Just no time with summer but I am trying to figure out an ignition switch for the dynamark. I'm pretty sure it's made by murry and I bet most any older 5 wire ignition switch would work. But I'm not sure so I haven't ordered one lol. Anyone have any Ideas?
You could just use a toggle switch and push button for your ignition. wire the toggle switch to the coil and the push button switch to the starter.
My older sears has a push button for the ignition. I haven't had time to mess with the wiring so it'll do for now.

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Oh yea the ignition switch thing lol uhh check fuzes under dash first:banghead3
Before trying to figure out switch. Although the one off my Deere 216 parts tractor worked :dunno: once fuze was replaced. Hmm so did the original switch.
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