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Two 6211s and some attachments - worth $1000?

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Hi there,

There is a guy not too far from me selling two Simplicity 6211s. One is ready to run and appears to run strong, but it smokes some. The other needs a new starter and throttle cable, but it starts and stays on when rigged manually. The second one smokes even more and has a holy muffler (amen).
They're both in a little rough, but they seem like they would do the job. The guys place is kind of like a junk yard and claims there are additional attachments out there somewhere. Anyway, here is the posting:

Does this look worth the money?

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Mostly worth it I think. Everything is a bit rough but mostly there. You'll need to put love and elbow grease into it all. Engines sound like they last long enough to find replacements. I'd offer $850 and see where it goes from there or go full price if he threw that giant anvil on the table saw behind the vacuum bagger in on the deal. It's a beaut! ?


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Not worth anywhere near that kind of $$$... half that would still be too much. IMO
Wow, thanks for the help guys. Just curious, is it the rough shape or is it the tractor itself not worth that? Remember, a handful of attachments and there's two of them.

Thanks for the feedback!
Running and driving might be worth $500 for both with all the attachments. I think guys like your seller just lists stuff super high hoping somebody offers $500 and thinking they are getting a good deal.
Attachments are a bonus but there is two smoking motors... so you get a 'two into one' project but you still need to buy a motor and do all the work. The guy MIGHT get close to $1000 if he sold everything seperately but as a package its worth about $400-$500cad IMO
Thanks a lot guys. You don't see many of these garden tractors for sale around here, so I wanted to jump on this. We'll see where he takes the price.
So I might be working out a deal with this guy at a better price but only for the unit without the deck. Already have a riding mower. So the tractor with the mower has a pto sticker on the back and the one that I may buy does not. Does that mean that the one without the stick doesn’t have a pto installed? The guy doesn’t think so but would they come this way? A garden tractor without a factory pto seems odd. If they didn’t come without I’m sure adding one is relatively simple right? And $100-$200 to do?
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Those model tractors had manual engagement PTO. The lever on the left foot rest. The attachment would have most of the parts to engage it. I'm not sure how hard it would be to find the lever and all associated parts. I wouldn't think new parts would be available.
PTO sticker on the back of those meant that someone added the rear PTO pulley to drive a tiller at some point. The sticker is next to a small rectangular window in the rear sheet metal. The other tractor probably has the same window, it just wasn't popped out. They punched them in there and then if a PTO is added you pop out the square plug.

Anyways, it's not like a traditional rear PTO on a tractor. It's a small pulley (about 3.5" in diameter) that shares the same shaft as the big drive pulley on the transmission. To finish it off there's a set of idler pulleys mounted in a bracket that gets bolted to the back of the tractor. A belt goes around the small pulley on the transmission drive, through the two idler pulleys (one top one bottom) and on to the tiller pulley. The tiller then gets engaged by a spring loaded bracket that rotates the whole tiller assembly backwards. Simple mechanical PTO, however the lever is behind you and the tiller only works in drive. Kind've a PITA to till with because the 6211 never had enough weight to keep the tiller from just driving the tractor forward. Also you couldn't slow the tractor down far enough to easily engage the tiller into the ground like you can with a hydro tractor when stopped. So you ended up just going gung ho with it and hoping for the best. Would probably work better with retilling the ground than tilling fresh ground. Maybe break up the ground with a plow or a disc first, but if you're using a disc anyways might as well just use the disc for everything.

I have a spare 30" tiller for one of these, was always tempted to mount a separate engine to it and use it off my DLX, but I picked up a disc real cheap and that does all I need for tilling ground, just takes multiple passes, but less hassle overall.
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