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Turf Tires for 755

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I am looking at purchasing a 755 that has regular tractor tires on it. I only would be interested in purchasing it if I could change out the tires and rims for turf tires. The sizes are front/23x8.50-12 and rear/ 31x12.50-15. I would need tires and rims to fit the 755. How hard is it going to be for me to find these and what would they cost. A quick search on ebay and goggle has not shown any around.

Thanks in advance for your help.:praying::praying:

Lee Roberts
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The front tires are easy, wheels will be hard to find for sure. Is it 4x4?
I have some in TN I'll swap you! Can you send me pics of that you have?

My fronts are new....
Here is a pick of the 755, I have not bought it yet, trying to see if I could find some tires first. I live in Lexington NC, about midway in North Carolina, maybe I could drive to you and save on shipping, got any idea of the distance?

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Send me picks of yours, might work out good for both of us.

Lee Roberts
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Homeboy's 755 is 4x4, so they want work, anybody seen any turf tires for 2 wheel drive, thanks.

Check for a set of new rims for the rear. Fronts should be easy to find.
You are going to need wider wheels too.
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