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Tuff Torq ?????????????

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This just doesn't seem quite right to me:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 I am considering doing the K66 transaxle upgrade to my Jd La145.......... I found them forsale....... brand new on Ebay for $ 299.00 or as a kit for $899.00 which includes everything that you need including rims..... I contacted Tuff Torq directly and this is the quote they sent me.............................

The K66's will cost around $1,300 ($150.00 freight) and the K72'Ss will
cost around $1,600 ($175.00 freight:crybaby: :crybaby: Why can it be that you can find there transaxle on ebay for $300 vs them trying to sell it for more than 5 times what it can be found for??????????????? Just wanted to see what everyone thought............ because you could really buy a new lawnmower instead of replacing a $ 1500 transaxle..... IF you buy your tractor for $2700 I can't believe John Deere sells their engine and entire frame for $ 1200.............. Thinking this is just another company trying to screw the small guy over:banghead3
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don't worry about it crapping out on you if all you do is cut grass. i put my K46 thru total **** and it is still going strong.
since summer of 2004. it has over 400 hours on it, and i changed the oil in it between 250 and 300 hours. i used an electric sleeve hitch on it for an entire summer and pulled a tine cultivator and a disc many times that summer. the trick is to let it rest every few minutes, but leave the engine WOT so that the fan can cool teh hydro. and make sure to keep the hydro cleaned off, grass build up will allow it to hold more heat and that is bad.
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