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Tuff Torq ?????????????

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This just doesn't seem quite right to me:banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 I am considering doing the K66 transaxle upgrade to my Jd La145.......... I found them forsale....... brand new on Ebay for $ 299.00 or as a kit for $899.00 which includes everything that you need including rims..... I contacted Tuff Torq directly and this is the quote they sent me.............................

The K66's will cost around $1,300 ($150.00 freight) and the K72'Ss will
cost around $1,600 ($175.00 freight:crybaby: :crybaby: Why can it be that you can find there transaxle on ebay for $300 vs them trying to sell it for more than 5 times what it can be found for??????????????? Just wanted to see what everyone thought............ because you could really buy a new lawnmower instead of replacing a $ 1500 transaxle..... IF you buy your tractor for $2700 I can't believe John Deere sells their engine and entire frame for $ 1200.............. Thinking this is just another company trying to screw the small guy over:banghead3
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a $15,000 dollar honda civic is worth $300,000 to a chop shop - think about that.
Parts are marked up more than the "package deal". Buy a new package deal, keep the hydro, and part out the rest.

The OEM also will not undersell the dealers they supply so always expect them to have the highest price. I don't understand why you think they would undersell on a one-off sale.
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