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Tube frame wheel weights

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Whats a average price for a used set of Bolens weights for a tube frame with 12" wheels? I see a set on ebay right now not very pretty for 185 and another nicely painted for 200....
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i dont know that TUBE FRAME has anything to do with value, but i see most Bolens case weights for about 125
125 including shipping seems to be an average. Sometimes more, maybe 100 if it is a local seller that does not want to ship.

The 200 ones are way high. Probably why they are listed for a month. It does not take much effort to clean up rusty weights and give them a rattle-can paint job.
I sell mine for 100 a set. if someone wants them shipped, it's an extra $30.

Ok thanks, i thought they were high, I found a set locally for 50, just waiting for a return call so I can go pick them up.
Both those guys are crazy especially randy Johnson. All the parts he tries to sell is price twice the going rate. I hate to pick on guys when their trying to sell stuff but they have to be a little more realistic on what they sell.
$100 for a set is average. I sold some last year for $100.00 and may sell another set this year.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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