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TSC wheelbarrow rims- Bad Idea?

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Not sure if I made the right move or not, but ended up buying a pair of Tractor Supply wheelbarrow rims w/ tires today. They were on sale, so I convinced myself I had to buy them - $10 per tire/rim. Usually they run for about $20 each. I needed a way to mount the deestone tri ribs I have onto the sears, and make it quickly changeable back to the 16-6.5-8 rims for summer mowing. I needed a second set of rims - I have a set of rims that the deestones would fit, but they have different bores and are too long to fit the sears spindles. I would have to make two different spindles from scratch, and I really didn't care for that idea.

Anyway, I opted for the TSC wheelbarrow setup for a couple reasons:

1) Quick and easy way to get my deestones going so I can try them
2) Bearings were right size, and the bore length was small enough to fit on the stock sears spindle. Just need a washer to shim the space between the bearing and roll pin

I realize these rims are probably too flimsy for what I want, but it's not like I have a loader or anything overly heavy on the front. I figured its at least worth a try :thThumbsU
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Harbor Freight has a simular assortment of wheels w/tires. Don't know if the quality is any different than TSC, because I've never used either. HF selection can be viewed here:
Just read the reviews on TSC's website, all good, looks like someone else is using these rims on a cub cadet, and they seem satisfied.
I have looked at them in person, and IMO they are a little too chintzy for me to use on a tractor. I opted for buying Sears narrow rims off other members and off Ebay for my Tri Ribs- the rims can usually be had for around 20-25 and are much stronger. My cousin had a set of those TSC rims with bearings on a yard cart, and the bearings fell out after a few uses.

Hope you have better luck!
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The rims are certainly not thick, high quality ones, but for the price and convienence, I had to buy them. I can't really afford to pay for rims on ebay, let alone the shipping for them too. I had a pair of heavy duty rims that were the right size but had two different bores. If I hadn't come across the wheelbarrow rims, I would have spent more time making the other rims work.
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Doug, when you consider it's pretty easy to get 300lbs in a wheelbarrow, I don't think your rims are such a bad idea. You're not going to use a FEL on the front, so I doubt you will overload them.
Should work fine. Just be careful you don't bend them up mounting your tires. You might want to wire brush them down and give them a proper coat of paint while you have them apart. The Chinese stuff seems to flake off easily...
I'm not too worried about the paint yet - hopefully everything on the tractor will get painted this summer, so if the paint on the rims last that long, I'll be happy. Not sure if this "restoration" goal is realistic though - summer always seems to fly by. I bent both rims in a couple places, but nothing that couldn't easily be bent back and fixed. Tires will be fine as the beads are thick. Thanks for the reassurance guys!
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Got both the tires on their rims, and put them on the tractor - the right front rim wobbles a little, but I don't feel like putting it back to original and returning it. I don't think it's bad enough to bother anything, but we'll see how it goes. The steering difference is tremendous! I couldn't turn before with the 16-6.5-6 tires, but now these tires actually track in the snow. Should make a big difference for plowing.
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You will LOVE TRI RIBS! I have 2 sets of those, and a set of V61's and I like the tri ribs best! Glad it worked out for you!
Give those tri-ribs a try in the summer too. I haven't had any problems with mine tearing up the sod (granted our dirt is pretty hard) and they handle great!
Give those tri-ribs a try in the summer too. I haven't had any problems with mine tearing up the sod (granted our dirt is pretty hard) and they handle great!
:ditto: I leave them on all year!
OK. Will do!
:wwp: I am intersted in the rims as I can't seem to locate any narrow ones around here :(
Just got pics:

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no they will be fine i bought the tsc wheels for my old rusted out trailer with a piece of aluminum for the bottom lol. i am not sure the size of the trailer but it has been loaded heavy alot to the point were the tires looked almost flat lol and i have never had a problem and i have had them on there for 2 yrs
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Ya my only concern is the bearings, maybe they are causing the wobble, but I won't worry about it until it breaks. Still a good deal in my book.
My buddy has them on his pullin fine...i wouldnt wanna use a loader with them but for good general use they will be ok...
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