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TS 354XD has arrived !!!

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After a lot of reserach, (more than necessary due to Husqvarna's pathetic web site) I pulled the trigger. Coming from a (Husqvarna built) Craftsman Excellerator 54" which has over 10 years / 1000hrs on it and still operates great, I expected at least the same or a bit more. What I got is A LOT more. This thing is a tank. Sits high, has a broad stance, defintely heavier, and has a real nice agressive look, even better when seen in person. A nice little surprise was the 12 volt plug which I wasn't expecting.

The cutting deck is a HUGE improvement. Really throws the discharge out, no windrow! It's noticeably heavier when raising the cutting height than the stamped deck so I imagine dropping the deck and moving it out of the way may be a bit more challenging. Very minor detail.

The ride and steering is phenominal. You can tell the heaviness impacts the ride in a positive way. No frame flex or bouncing around. Also noticed it has the frame supports. The seat is VERY comfortable. The steering almost feels like it's power assisted but it's not. I imagine over time it may loosen up as it did on the Craftsman but that can be easily remedied with new replaceable components.

A couple minor disappointing things: the KT66 tranny w/locking diff makes the unit slower overall as compared to the fast hydrostatic tranny. But only operating the tractor for 3 hours, I've already used the locking diff a few times so I'm glad to have it and was the reason I chose the XD model. So it's a good trade off. That said, if I had a flat surface and didn't plan on alot of pulling or pushing heavy weight up hill I would have gone with the TS 354X which has the fast hydrostatic (non locking diff).

And why Kohler hasn't changed the oil drain plug configuration is beyond me. Looks like a trip to the hardware store to get a 3/8" threaded pipe and a 90 degree elbow is in order. Makes oil changes much easier and cleaner.

Hope this thing gives me 10+ years of trouble free service as my Craftsman has.
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Having a differential lock is great, my Cub Cadet has one, and it while I have not used it often it's been a lifesaver in those moments.

May you get many good years out of your new toy!
Congrats on the new mower, hope it gives you many trouble free years of service.:thThumbsU
Also, pictures!
I know .. I know ... I'm going to do a couple simple cosmetic mods first then I'll post. :wwp:
Congrats on your new machine. I like mine and the locking diff is great, it does better with stock tires than my old JD did with AG lugs for getting out of the ravine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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