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Trying to identify a model of John Deere tractor.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to identify a tractor for my father. It is an older (1970-80's?) John Deere tractor with a Kohler engine. The plate on it states 10643 TYPE and the seril # is 278415M.

(I have the numbers from the Kohler if that would help also).

He's having an issue with a belt having too much slack and rubbing and I couldn't find any info without knowing the model.

thanks in advance for any info,
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I have two '73s, and they are both strong tractors. Neither has run in a little while, but I got the 10 hp 110 running this weekend, and I forgot how much 10 hp really is. The varator is a tough system, even though you wouldn't believe its belt drive. The post-'71 tractors have the 1 inch diameter spindles, so it will take a little more wear and tear on thr front end.
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