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Trying to identify a model of John Deere tractor.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to identify a tractor for my father. It is an older (1970-80's?) John Deere tractor with a Kohler engine. The plate on it states 10643 TYPE and the seril # is 278415M.

(I have the numbers from the Kohler if that would help also).

He's having an issue with a belt having too much slack and rubbing and I couldn't find any info without knowing the model.

thanks in advance for any info,
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Have a picture?Any numbers on the hood,
Sorry no pics of the tractor yet. If my memory is correct the numbers on the hood say it i a 112 but my father thinks the hood was replaced that's why there is some confusion.
Hello Mike
In researching your John Deere it shows to be a 1973 John Deere 110 with a K181 Kohler Eight Horsepower single cylinder engine in it. This style Tractor had a fender pan on it unlike the earlier one's that had two seperate fender's on them. They were a gear Transmission tractor with a Variator on them to increase ground speed and most were hand lift style but they did offer an Optional Electric style lift for them. They made a mowing deck, front blade, and Rear roto-tiller attachment for them. I hope this helps, Hammerdown
thanks for the info and this should clear things up for my father.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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