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Trying to find equal tire widths front and rear..

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So i have been inspired by some of the projects on here. :thanku:

I currently have what i believe to be a 1991 18hp Craftsman Garden Tractor I picked up in the spring with a lose connecting rod that I fixed and have been mowing with and pulling a cart around the yard with all summer. After getting sticker shock looking at new and used sub-compacts I have decided to see what I can do with this machine. One of the projects I have in mind is to make a set of Over the Tire Tracks for this thing. In order to make this happen I need to first come up with a set of matching width tires front and rear. If i can do this salvaging either the front or rears i currently have this would save me some money. Currently the fronts are stock 16x6.5-8 and the rears are 23x10.5-12. It doesn't matter to me if the front or rears have to be an overall larger or smaller diameter.

Does anyone have any ideas? :howdy:
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Thats gonna be **** on the spider gears....
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