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Trying to find/build a custom trailer, opinions needed

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I'm trying to find a trailer that will "do it all", at least as far as my needs go. I'm getting into buying/selling larger equipment as well as indulging my "auction habit" and my current 6.5'x16' single axle utility trailer isn't cutting it anymore.

In my dreams, I imagine a dual axle, 7' x 16' deck-over wheels trailer with stakebed sides that will carry 4k-5k lbs. I have had a couple times when being able to have equipment overhang the sides would have been extremely useful, which is why I'd prefer the deck not sit between the wheels. I can find the kind of design I want in the much heavier gooseneck type trailers, but not in the bumper-pull category.

Does anyone know if there is some particular reason this combination of features doesn't seem to appear on most trailer manufacturer product lists? Just too odd a mix of features to be standard, or is there some functional reason it won't work or doesn't work well?
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I should have been more specific. I'm looking for one that carries 4-5k max, not just any trailer that can haul >4k. I'm trying to keep the trailer weight itself down around 1500lbs or lower. Those deck-over trailers look to be the >8 ton variety.
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PJ makes some really nice trailers: PJ deckover link

Or this one: PJ trailer link
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For your wants, seems aluminum is the way to go to keep it light. Here is one....16' deck plus 4' beaver tail, GVWR 10K....Here

Making it strong enough to carry 5k yet staying within your weight limit is going to be a challenge. You need to talk to a DOT approved trailer fabricator.
To be clear, do you need the full deck to be above the wheels, or just the section of deck that is on the usual low deck trailers.

Auto transporters use adjustable ramps for parking cars and tucks at varying heights. Similar adjustable ramps could be made using the existing deck boards and a 5 ton bottle jack.
Well, I think I've found a trailer that will mostly meet my needs, even if it's not entirely what I want. I called a couple of the companies offering "Custom Trailers" and apparently all the trailer companies are so back-ordered that they aren't really doing much beyond minimal customization without a HUGE surcharge. Many of them aren't even currently producing their entire standard model lineup because they are short-staffed. But I found a small manufacturer about a hour away that does an aluminum trailer with drop sides in front of the wheels. 1800lb trailer with a 5200lb cargo capacity.

And If I really need the whole bed to be above the wheels, I guess I'll start checking out local sawyers and find someone to cut me some 8"x8" Cedar timbers and I'll just lay those down first.
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