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Around here you can get them delivered and dropped for around $3000.00. Best to have a spot set up and waiting. I've had a couple of the containers set at outlying spots and they work well. Have to be careful about being sure you specify a water tight unit with good doors.

We prepare the location by leveling and putting down a gravel bed. Once the box is dropped we jack it up and support it at each end with a railroad tie placed crosswise. This allows final leveling. We've had to clean and paint the two we've set up to prevent them from turning into rust piles.

Since it's not on wheels the county taxes it as an outbuilding. Watch the code in your area as they are not allowed in many places.

Truck boxes I suspect are much the same. Old Semi-trailers, if left on their wheels, aren't taxed here.

Just what works around here.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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