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Truck and a tow bar?

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Looking for a 4x4 6cyl auto that i can tow with just a TOWBAR. Just need an older beater to go behind an RV. What do you recommend?
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Id get a ranger/s10/dakota

Im using a 18' car hauler with whatever car/truck I want to take, got the brakes and everything on it, just hard to find a place to put it at campgrounds

have used a dolly and tow bar, by far the tow bar is the way to go, I know you should have brakes on whatever you tow, but we have pulled a toyota celica, dodge dakota, and a saturn sl2, all with no brakes, you could hardly feel them "pushing" you especialy behind a 36' rig, but the 4400lb mini van on the car dolly you could feel just a little bit. Car trailer has always had brakes. Im not telling you to not put brakes on it but speaking for me and from my father with prob 60k of towing 4 wheels down, never had a problem, and dad never let grass grow under his feet (hmmm that where I got it from)

either way have a good set of chains and a QUALITY set of mag mount tow lights, or wire up the truck so its lights work behind the motorhome

good luck and enjoy the road :thThumbsU
Answered my own question. Towing a vehicle behind a Motorhome is called Dinghy Towing.
Cool site:
or you car/truck is a "toad"
My 88 Bronco full size is an auto with manual case and neutral. You can tow for about 30-50 miles-at slow speeds. Not hwy speeds.
they say the same for a 2wd manual but people pull the all the time

its a warrenty issue I think
Remco made drive shaft disconnects and pumps to use ....... Idk if the still do or not
Fmca ( family motor coach association ) and motorhome magazine have great towing guides on what can be towed and how u have to tow it, their database may go back pretty far.

Another option that could give you a better answer is a rv or motorhome forum. I don't mess with any of them so Idk where to point you
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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