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Truck and a tow bar?

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Looking for a 4x4 6cyl auto that i can tow with just a TOWBAR. Just need an older beater to go behind an RV. What do you recommend?
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I remember reading about a mod for off-road Jeeps that got towed to the trail head that consisted of a paddle wheel mounted somewhere below the oil level that would sling the lube around because they *would* burn up otherwise if towed far enough.
It was some time ago and I don't remember where I read about it - was probably '4 Wheel & Off-Road' or 'Four Wheeler' magazine.
As far as I know, transfer cases don't really have a pump as such, they rely on moving gears to sling the oil around.

They do make auxiliary lube systems for towed vehicles that run off of 12V - not too familiar with them but that might be an option, too.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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