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Truck and a tow bar?

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Looking for a 4x4 6cyl auto that i can tow with just a TOWBAR. Just need an older beater to go behind an RV. What do you recommend?
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Answered my own question. Towing a vehicle behind a Motorhome is called Dinghy Towing.
Cool site:
If it has a neutral in the transfer case, you can tow an auto.. Wrangler, Cherokee, Toyota pickups and older 4 Runners ( same thing ). some Ford Rangers, Some Ford Explorers, Older Nissans. Any of these will hook on a tow bar just fine
My 88 Bronco full size is an auto with manual case and neutral. You can tow for about 30-50 miles-at slow speeds. Not hwy speeds.
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Towing an older 4x4 with the transfer case in neutral is OK,provided you go under 45 mph and less than 50 miles--faster or further wil eventually overheat the rear bearing in the transfer case or the slip yoke,from lack of lube,not enough gets splashed around that far up to sufficently lube them and it'll burn them up sooner or later...
Would it matter if i left the engine running at an idle?
I thought the pump in the transfer case ran all the time. Gimme some education.Please. lol:thanku:
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