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Truck and a tow bar?

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Looking for a 4x4 6cyl auto that i can tow with just a TOWBAR. Just need an older beater to go behind an RV. What do you recommend?
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Make sure the ball joints of the vehicle to be towed are good. One F150 I had, had stiff ball joints and the front wheels didn't like turning when being towed. I ended up stopping at the grocery store and bought about 500 pounds of salt bags and put them in the bed of the front F150 that was doing the pulling. Almost 10 years ago I made a huge tow bar. Its about 7-8 feet long. It has huge and thick angle iron for the frame. I used my unbreakable 84 F150 to tow my 83 F350 chassis cab diesel using that tow bar. The length makes a big difference.
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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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