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Troybuilt GTX 20. Should I buy it?

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Hi Guys,
Most of my time is spent on the MTD forum but I since have diversified. I am considering purchasing a Troybuilt GTX 20 that I found and would like some input about the tractor. I currently own 2 White GT 2055's an old MTD 990 that I have redone and 4 cub cadets(129 hydro, 2 1641's and one 1864) I was wondering how the Troybuilt would stack up against these machines. I was on the Troybuilt forum with the same question and some of the guys suggested that I also check with you Bolens owners. I guess the GT Bolens were pretty similar to the Troybuilt? Not sure. I'm wondering how reliable it would be and will I still be able to get parts for it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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we have a gtx18 at my grandma's and my brother has a gtx20. they have been incredibly reliable machines and do excellent work. we have plowed snow, blown snow, rototilled gardens and of course mowed grass with them.

troybilt took over the bolens brand and the gtx series are basically rebadged/updated gt bolens. my bro's screen name is velle01 on here if you'd like to send him a message for his opinions. parts aren't very difficult to find for the most part, couple things are but they are out there.
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