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Troybilt tuffy crt-pulsa jet carb

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Hey guys, new here, im working on a troybilt tuffy crt with a 4hp briggs, the tank was rusted, it wouldn't run, i cleaned the tank and carb, replaced the diaphragm, now it will run as long as the choke is closed and it runs roughly, it starts for 3-4 second increments and twice today it started and ran for 20 minutes or so, im not sure if i have the linkage and spring in the right place, does anyone have a picture of where they hook.?
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I'd be sure the little strainer on your pick-up tube isn't clogged or dirty.

Did you notice the return spring on your throttle shaft is off?

Also, the small engine repair section of the forum might get more action on this. It's more Briggs-specific than Troy-bilt specific.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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