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Troybilt Tilling job turns to s#&%

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So, I'm tilling this guys darden area, and as I come up to a fence post, a tine grabs a big root, and the tiller jumps into the post, and busts the recoil start housing. Thats the good news!
A few minutes later, after starting with a rope, it starts making all sorts of noise, and shooting sparkls out of the fan shroud.
After taking apart, I find all the fins, except 4 missing from the flywheel.
Soooo, anyone out there have a flywheel for a Kohler K161T 6hp motor?

I have a Tecumseh HH80 I can use, (I think it would fit) but would like th keep the Kohler.

Anyone know if the Tecumseh HH80, 8hp will fit?
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Ah feel your pain !!!! Now we relive the experience of not having a bumper.
The good news (such as it is) is the Tecumseh should bolt right up.
That will give you time to find a flywheel and fix the Kohler.

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