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I think i may have accidentally turned off the mower while in forward gearthe last time i used it. Now the mower wont start. Starter squeals and is trying to turn flywheel, which may spin once or twice but thats it and will not start. Sometimes it even sounds like the engine is about to start but it just wont turn over. I dont really hear a clicking noise either so think it might be the solenoid starter? Or did i seize the engine? Also, are you supposed to be able to turn flywheel while engine is off? mine wont budge, but will spin once or twice when attempting to start it. New to the riding mower world so any input would be greatly appreciated, thank you. (I replaced oil, filter, spark plug last week)

TroyBilt Bronco
model # 13wv78ks011
koehler courage engine sv530
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