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Triple Bagger for GTH2548

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My father has a GTH2548 that he bought from his neighbor...I would guess it is 05 or 06 model...fairly new and in good condition. My family and I will soon be moving into his home since he has recently remarried and moved into the home of his new wife. Anyway, I am more or less inheriting the GTH. As part of the initial purchase he also bought the neighbors husky triple bagger. He has never installed the bagger and I would like to do so. Does anyone have a husky triple bagger that they could post some pics of. I am specifically interested in how the bagger mounts to the tractor and how the chute is attached to the deck. Any help would be great.

Also, it is worth saying that the previous owner installed a large steel plate over the original trailer hitch location. I am fairly certain that I will have to remove the plate in order to install the bagger. It appears that the weight of the bagger is supported by the hitch. the bagger frame has a short stud on it that it seems would sit in the trailer hitch "hole" to help support the bagger.


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