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Ordered a Case Travel Control kit for my 644 from Brian, got it in today so I went ahead and put it on
I searched for a while to find some info on it, there just isn't much out there
So here it is

The kit contents

My old setup, the banana plate has some grinder marks and the speed control pin was extremely loose.
btw, that black cable running down the brake control bar is my battery cable - battery is located in the weight box due to space issues in the engine bay.

New banana plate up top, the one that was on it in the middle, and a custom made plate I found in the weight box on the bottom. Banana plate wasn't terrible, but had some wear.

This thing had the greatest amount of wear

Pic of the new one installed, there really arn't any install instructions - just put everything back as it was. The biggest pain is adjusting the pin attached to the valve. Too far out and all you get is reverse, too far in and its pure forward - and the directional control lever becomes much harder to move out of position.
Funny enough, now that I've got it adjusted properly I've lost neutral. It used to latch into position half way, now it just kinda slops inbetween. I suspect the new valve pin is the culprit, the old one had a 90 degree bend, the new one a little less - might swap out later (old was still in halfway decent shape), but its not a big deal.

Overall it seems much better now
The direction control will actually stay in forward and reverse now, and when I push the pedal it actually goes!
Didn't get to do a proper test due to some (hopefully) minor engine issues, but should be go good to go.

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Nice write up WF ... thanks for that informative sharing. The elongated notch on one end of the banana plate is a huge contributor to the wear and is the common

I had not seen a support bracket with that slot wear previously ...

Glad it is working out as planned ...

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