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Transmission ?

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Have a huskee 21hp garden tractor 2 speed rear end is there a way to check fulid level? What type of oil- grease goes in to it. More info that i have the tranny is a model 618-0301a Thanks Ken
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What's the tractor model and serial number, Ken? Most likely 90wt, but I'd like to pull the manual so we know for sure.
Could'nt find a model or serial number on the unit anywhere when i got it
I know the engine is 1999 best i could come up with for model is
14AJ848H131 Thanks
It uses lithium grease like mine, 90wt might work. Mine is an 845 GT model number 146S845H088 it has a High/low like his only difference is mine has 18.5 hp in it.
Thanks how do you put it to the tranny?
Thanks for the replies guys maybe i'll wait and see how mtd snow plow makes out:thThumbsU I'll take a closer look at this weekend.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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